Cycling Programs

  • Classes run for 8-week blocks, September through April

  • Classes can range from 60-90 minutes with most around the 75 minute mark

  • Classes meets 2 times per week for sessions

  • Specialized and individualized training based on your current fitness level

  • Power tests to determine training zones are done at the beginning of each 8-week block

  • There are no drop-ins. Your bike is yours for the entire 8-week block!


Eight Weeks To Iceman


The Iceman Cometh Challenge is the pinnacle of the cycling season and an event we hold especially dear in northern Michigan. Our Eight Weeks To Iceman block is designed to sharpen down your summer time fitness to a razor sharp point. Whether it’s your first Iceman or thirtieth, every athlete can go into November stronger, smarter, and better prepared for the 30 mile dash from Kalkaska to Traverse City.

Sign-ups open in August.

Tempo Block


Keep your Iceman fitness going! Instead of short, sharp intervals, our Tempo Block is about coming into your fitness from the bottom up. Skip time-consuming base miles and make the most of structured build-and-rest workouts designed to slowly push your FTP up watt-by-watt.

Sign ups for the Tempo Block open in October.

Steady State of Mind



Razor Sharp


You can get a lot done in 75 minutes. Our Steady State of Mind ratchets things up from the Tempo Block, pushing into slightly shorter but more intense intervals that really drive your FTP up and give you the engine capable of hitting the spring race campaign at full speed. This block is especially useful for winter sports athletes who want to work in a time-efficient workout between trips to the trails for skiing and fat biking. It’s the perfect balance of intensity and volume, even if these months are ‘in-season’ for you…and off-season for the rest of us.

Sign ups for the Steady State of Mind Block open in December.

The bulk of northern Michigan’s mountain bike races are crammed into a single month! Hit Mud, Sweat and Bees, Arcadia Grit & Gravel, Racing for Home, and even the M-22 Challenge in prime shape with an expertly crafted block. These eight weeks are chalk-full of sharp intervals that will have you tackling climbs and making the splits at your favorite spring events, or just feeling in prime shape for the start of the outdoor riding season!

Sign ups for the Razor Sharp Block open in February.