Strength Starts Here

Brockmiller Elite Endurance is more than bikes. We offer strength training that’s designed to build functional musculature for endurance athletes. Our workouts help athletes of all levels and disciplines to develop strength that prevents injury, increases stamina, and enhances the training you already put in for your favorites sports. We’ve worked with triathletes, marathon runners, mountain bikers, road cyclists, even marathon paddlers! Our experience helps us offer you a fun, time-efficient and physically-effective workout, every time you hit the Hive.

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The Basics

We always stress the fundamentals of strength training, an essential component that’s too often overlooked. That’s part of what makes BEE a great place for athletes coming from other disciplines; we’ll help you learn the right way to lift and move to prevent injury so you never miss a run or a ride.

These fundamentals are especially important when tackling speed and power drills, cardio intervals, and any movements that require a number of big muscle groups all working in unison.


TRX Suspension Training and Body Weight Movements

You are your own best resistance. We integrate TRX Suspension Training during most workouts, allowing us to quickly transition through hundreds of potential workouts quickly. By adjusting your position and the angle of the suspension straps, our athletes can quickly adapt the weight to suit their current fitness level without having to stop.

We’re big believers in using natural movements and exercises that promote a more real-world and well-rounded strength that puts emphasis on function, not bulk.


Core Strength, Agility, and Flexibility

It all starts with the core. Every sport and every athlete can benefit from strong abdominal and oblique muscles, especially cyclists. They’re absolutely key to power output and preventing back injury in myriad settings, from racing to simply working around the house.

Expanding on a powerful core, we work on flexibility and agility nearly every class to help protect smaller muscles and promote healthy joints. From runners to rowers, investing in these three areas offers plenty of benefits and that extra explosiveness needed to excel.