New Year, New Block: Steady State of Mind Starts January 7!

We’ve come a long, long way since the beginning of November. Just forty-eight hours removed from the Iceman Cometh Challenge, our Tempo Block kicked off to start building for 2019 just as 2018 was beginning to cool off.

The Tempo Block is a great eight-week training program that really works to build power from the ground up. With so many of our athletes already confirmed for our Steady State of Mind block, January 7-February 27, we’re going to be able to build off all those tempo miles and start to inject the ability to push a threshold effort longer and longer over the next two months.

Those long tempo intervals help to push your FTP (functional threshold power) up watt-by-watt, and we’ll continue to work on improving that metric over the next few months. The biggest change for January is starting to incorporate more changes of pace, forcing the body to form new adaptations than what we’ve worked on this fall. Now, the ability to alternate between sub-threshold, threshold, and hyper-threshold efforts at varying lengths adds a new dynamic to the workouts, and to your toolkit as a racer.

As we’ve talked about before, your power profile really determines how ‘easy’ or ‘difficult’ this next block is. We have plenty of athletes who enjoy long, steady tempo intervals like we’ve been doing; these types of riders are often Time Trial or Pursuitists, capable of holding their efforts for fifteen, twenty, even thirty minutes. This next block will transition to efforts shorter than twenty minutes, perhaps into the comfort zone of Pursuitists and Puncheurs, capable of more power for shorter timespans.

Every type of athlete can benefit from working this different power zones, and by taking on the full offseason training program, you’ll be able to identify your natural talents, work on your weak spots, and learn more about what aspects of training have the best results for you. The Steady State of Mind Block is a really useful bridge between relatively static tempo intervals and the incredibly short, sharp and dynamic training we use to prepare for a full spring of races.

Especially if you’re planning on tackling the early season gravel races like Barry-Roubaix and Lowell 50, not to mention Melting Mann to kick off the year, working in some of these tough workouts throughout January and February really help you hit March with a lot of power. Every year, we hear great feedback on how much this block prepares athletes for early season events. We know how tough it is to push yourself for a three, five, even ten minutes Steady State interval when you’re watching Netflix on the trainer. Combining a tried-and-true program with the enthusiasm of a full class of fellow BEEs helps you get the most out of your 75 minutes on the trainer.

Classes are filling up quick, so if you’re looking to join the Steady State of Mind block, make sure you get signed up ASAP. We have just a few spots available for morning classes, and both our Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday evening classes are already full!