What Is Steady State? New Block Starts January 7


We’re heading into an entire block of steady state efforts…but what is it?

The next eight weeks will be dedicated to building your engine ahead of the spring race campaign, and many of our workouts will be spent in your own personal steady state zone. Unlike our Tempo Block, we will mix in a lot more zones, including Climbing Repeats and Power Intervals. It’s our first block that begins to introduce repeated changes in effort as a part of the training structure; that’s always a big test to the system.

Most of our time will be in Steady State, however, starting with intervals around eight to twelve minutes for a few sets the first two weeks. But what are we doing to our bodies that create change in this zone? It turns out, a lot. Steady State is sub-maximal, putting your body just below your lactate acid threshold. Steady State is a more defined zone of roughly 15 Watts between Tempo and Climbing Repeats; it ‘feels’ like an 8 out of 10. Steady State is approximately 85-90% of your FTP, which means you should be able to hold the effort for roughly 20 minutes without failure. Spending time here, especially for long stretches, pushes your lactate threshold higher and higher. In short, it means that ‘burn’ in your legs will come later in races and at higher power outputs. And if you’ve ever been tacked on the back of the lead group just trying to hold of a little bit longer, then you know exactly what we’re doing this block!

One question we often get is whether it’s possible to hop into the Steady State Block without having completed the Tempo Block. While it’s definitely a huge advantage, the beauty of using your custom zones is that you’re going to test and find where you’re at right now; as long as that test is accurate, we’re going to be able to put you in the right effort for your fitness. These workouts are ideal for athletes in-season, too; balancing these workouts twice a week with skiing or fat biking at endurance miles prove perfect balance of intensity and volume. Just make sure you talk with Lauri, Susan, or Cody about your events so we can make adjustments before competition.

The Steady State of Mind Block starts on Monday, January 7. We have just a few spots available, including a 5 am slot M/W and a noon slot on T/Th.