The Dogman Challenge: One More Race To Go This Winter!

DC Podium.jpg

The third of four Short’s Brewing Fat Bike Series is done and dusted! The Dogman Challenge doubled its field from last year, and all that added horsepower added up to a fast, competitive day on the slopes of Mt. McSauba.

Even with warm temps threatening to make things a bog, the two-mile course help up exceptionally well for the two-hour circuit race, even with a record 75 racers toeing the start line. For the Series regulars, it was a chance to pick up some valuable points before the finale on March 2 at Beard of Zeus, and all the favorites were on hand and mixing it up.

Once again, Coach Susan put in a demonstrative performance to keep her perfect streak alive, picking up another win and a full haul of points that has her looking all but assured of the overall title after Beard of Zeus. The first and second steps of the podium are getting a bit familiar; Chelsey Schlict has been runner-up at all the events, and we’re really happy to have her back in the Hive next week!

Rob Goepfrich put in a hard-fought top ten in the Master’s category, and he’s looking to go for the top ten in the Series, too. He might be able to recruit a little help from Luke Schwartz, who put in a monster ride to pick up 12th in the Open category. Jim Walters was just a short ways behind in the Master’s field with 11th.

Kim Bazemore was just off the podium in the Women’s Masters, slotting in fourth place in a field chalk full of experienced racers. John Edingfield is certainly one of those on the Men’s side, and it’s been great to see him back in the swing of things in the past few fat bike races.

Birgit Conway was in action as well, keeping her streak alive in the SBFBS. Aside from some bad luck at Fat Chance, she’s shown what a strong winter look like with consistent top ten finishes at each stop.

Ever wonder just how tough a fat bike race can be? Take a peek at Susan’s numbers from the win. That’s over two hours, 1,300 calories, and 67 minutes at Threshold! Good thing she’s been knocking down big chunks of Steady State and Climbing Repeats at the Hive!

The final race of the winter comes this Saturday, and it’s the perfect segway into our spring Razor Sharp Block, which will start on Monday. Congrats to all the racers at Dogman and some serious kudos to the race organizers, who were able to work their magic to keep the course together in spite of rain and warm temps!

The skiers aren’t done for the winter, either! A few local athletes made the annual trip to the Birkie over the weekend, with Jenn Brown, Scott Howard, and Kathleen Kerr braving the 30 mile ski in beautiful conditions with thousands of other skiers hot on their heels. Check out all three days’ events and make sure you add this one to your bucket list.

Check out the full results from Dogman Challenge here.