Lauri's Heavy Ride: Supporting Norte With Big Miles For A Great Cause


First off, thank you all so much for joining in for the last block of the season! It really means a lot to have so many athletes commit to the Hive for their training, for their camaraderie, and for meeting their goals. On behalf of Susan and Cody, we are truly honored that you trust us to help you get better, no matter what that means to you right now. We have racers, riders, beginners, veterans. We have riders over 60 years old, and we have kids as young as 16. We have Iceman winners and folks who have never raced a bike. We are proud to cater to all athletes, and your participation proves we’re succeeding.

Some goals aren’t just about the finish line. This summer, I’ve joined Patrick’s Heavy Ride, a fundraiser spearheaded by our own Patrick Cotant. Last year, Patrick rode over 100 miles in two days to raise money to help Norte bring a wide array of youth programs, advocacy initiatives, and more to communities all over northern Michigan.  This year, Patrick has called on his pals to join him on the ride, and we’ve been excited to partake. A quick scan of the confirmed riders should make you pretty proud, because the big majority of riders are BEEs, past or present!

Even if you can’t join the ride on July 27, I’m inviting you to support my efforts to raise money for Norte. My kids have both enjoyed Norte programs in the past, but it’s more than that. As a coach, I see every single day just how important being healthy and active matters. Too many of us wait too long to find a hobby that gets us moving; how many of us didn’t find the bike, or running, until well after college, after our first kids, or even later in life? Teaching and ingraining activity, community, leadership, and confidence in kids doesn’t just get them moving through their school years. It’s going to keep them moving for life.

Your donation gets the wheels turning. We’ll be bringing you plenty of updates from the road this summer, and there’s plenty of time to learn more about Norte as their spring and summer events start to heat up.