For ten years now, Brockmiller Elite Endurance has served as the go-to resource for athletes of all abilities who want to improve their fitness, learn about their bodies, and grow as people and competitors. This isn’t spin class. This isn’t 45 minutes wandering around the gym. BEE is about structured, science-based training for cyclists, runners, and multi-sport athletes who want to take the guesswork out of training.



Our gym and indoor cycling studio is located in the Village of Traverse City. Free parking, showers, lockers, and a immaculate setting are key aspects of our gym; we strive to offer attention to every detail, from the structure of your workout to the atmosphere of every class.



  • 8 Week Cycling Blocks at BEE

  • Monthly Coaching Services

  • Cycling Punch Cards for Non-Class Hours



  • Free Weights

  • TRX

  • Dynamic Body Weight Training

  • Flexibility + Stretching